Skating Trip Cancelled

March 7, 2016

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our weather as of late, the Oval is no longer offering ice skating, they only offer inline skating. Generally ice skating activities have students dressed in several layers for the cold weather which lowers the risk of injury. Inline skating on asphalt and in warmer weather is an activity with a different set of risk factors. For risk management purposes, at this point, we will need to cancel our skating trip scheduled for tomorrow, March 8.

Our staff is looking into the risk factors associated with inline skating, what equipment the Oval provides etc. Once that research is completed and based on the findings, we will offer the students the opportunity to participate in an inline skating activity if the risk factors can be dealt with appropriately or an alternate activity. Parents will then be given the information with regard to the new activity and the choice to have the $5.00 applied to the new activity or refunded. More information will follow shortly.